Signing up Isola d’Elba Trail eng

Event date and place of departure: 14 April 2018, Capoliveri (Li).

Meetings and registrations: 13 April 2018.

Registration opening: 25 December 2017

Registration deadline: March 11th 2018.

How to register: To register for the Costa degli Etruschi Island of Elba Trail you must register your data by clicking on the “SUBSCRIBE” button at the bottom of this page and using the automated procedure, following the system instructions step by step, until you get to completion of registration and payment page, made with PayPal, or by bank transfer (within 3 days from registration) and then you will get the password to access your personal area.

Registration fee:

Euro 35 from December 25th to January 6th “Promotion”
Euro 40 from 7 January to 10 February
50 euros from 11 February to 11 March.

The registration includes:

  • Pre-school meeting with the partecipanti
  • Entry in the participant list
  • Full track of the route in .gpx format
  • Shower service departure / arrival
  • Free overnight stay the night before departure, free overnight stay on your own tent.
  • Tracking the participant live via personal SPOT or smartphone application
  • Package event Costa degli Etruschi Island of Elba Trail
  • Certificate Finisher
  • Entry in the Finisher page 2018
  • Registration does not include:

Anything not expressly stated in “the subscription includes”.

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