Costa degli Etruschi Road ttt

“Every trip you experience it three times: when you dream it, when you live it and when you remember it “

It is with this aphorism that we want to present the Costa degli Etruschi Road.

A 600 km long journey with 8000 – 10000 meters in altitude.
We will cross the most beautiful roads of Tuscany, roads surrounded by beautiful countryside and
from unique landscapes. We will visit some of the most beautiful art cities of Tuscany, passing through
even in the historic villages that the whole world envies us.
This is the Costa degli Etruschi Road. A journey to discover Tuscany, but above all a
experience to live with yourself.
The route will be a single stage that you can divide as you like best by choosing where –
when to eat and where – when “and if” to sleep. Absolute freedom. You will follow the path thanks
to a GPS track that will be provided to you. you will have to follow the path in full and without cuts. Ecstasy
from the first to the last kilometer. No assistance from the organizers. No assistance
staff in tow. you will be just you and your bicycle. No time limit. You decide
the pace and how long to get to the destination. Whatever happens, it will be an adventure.